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Over time, Maestro has developed a rollout method for its management software to ensure customer satisfaction throughout the implementation lifecycle: the maestro*WAY.

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The maestro*WAY

maestro*WAYs methodology aims to align all departments of the organization involved (Sales, Professional Services, Administration, Innovation and Customer Support) so that everyone contributes effectively to the rollout.

The objective is also to provide a structured approach to communication and follow-up between our customers and our internal teams at each phase of implementation, while ensuring successful collaboration.

The different phases of maestro*WAY


First phase

Project launch

Aligns Maestro's project team with the customer's project team, following the sale of the software. Its purpose is to ensure that all the issues discussed (expectations, objectives, etc.) are identified and communicated in real time.


Second phase

Software installation

Allows us to make the sale official by delivering the product purchased by our customers. This is the official launch of the implementation project!


Third phase

Analysis of the business model

This phase is one of the most important, as it allows us to analyze our customer's business model, processes and transaction flows.

It also allows us to verify with our customer that our understanding of their operations is adequate. This ensures that we map maestro*ERP's implementation optimally and prepare our customer for the internal changes they will need to make to exploit the full potential of their new software.


Fourth phase

Configuration and training

This phase is the crux of the implementation project. This is when the software comes to life with the customer’s data and variables.


Fifth phase

Stabilization phase

This phase allows the customer to start production and to check that the system works as expected in the operational environment and with current transactions. Corrections are made as necessary to ensure our customers’ rapid autonomy with regard to the operations they will perform in maestro*ERP.

Since we are committed to our customers' success, our software support team remains available for the full duration of their use of the system.


Sixth phase

Transition to support.

This ensures transfer of knowledge between the project team and the support team, so that any request from our customers is well understood and, more importantly, that they have found a satisfactory and relevant answer.


Seventh phase

Closure of the project

This is the final acceptance phase by the customer, which confirms that the software has been implemented according to their objectives and expectations, and that the project has been fully delivered. It also allows us to get feedback from both the customer and the Maestro teams. Here, our concern is the continuous improvement of our services and our approach to maximize customer satisfaction.

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