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Allied Track


Allied Track’s services are specifically designed to meet the needs of Railways, as well as industrial customers who have rail tracks and signaling systems that need Installation, maintenance or flagging.

“Maestro has been extremely supportive any time there have been changes. They have always been very proactive ensuring that any updates based on current legislation is always implemented in the system. As well, the training that is provided by Maestro for the different modules is second to none!”

Michael Howe, Accounting Manager

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Who are they?

Founded in Ontario in 1987 and initially started as a family business, the company was acquired by new owners in 2014 and rebranded as Allied Track Services  in 2015. Allied Track Services established its current reputation for excellence in the industry by building their business on exceptional quality, dependable service and consistent, safe operations. The services are specifically designed to meet the needs of Railways, as well as industrial customers who have rail tracks and signaling systems that need Installation, maintenance or flagging. Their employees have unique knowledge pertaining to the design, construction and maintenance of their systems allowing them to work safely in these unique environments.

Allied Track Services perform work throughout Canada and the United States and have won numerous longer-term contracts based on Safety and their ability to deliver a quality product.

How has Maestro helped Allied?

Allied was looking for a solution that would be able to manage all aspects of their business. They were able to combine their equipment management, project management, accounting and payroll. This resulted in more precise information to make timely decisions.

Allied also have numerous offices in multiple time zones, occasionally leading to issues in communicating information. Timely input of information from the field working varied shifts was critical to maintaining control over man hours and costs. Allied was using multiple software solutions to try and track all the different aspects. The maestro*ERP solution allowed them to quickly and efficiently receive hours reported from the field, as well as the ability to produce daily production reports in a timely manner. The ability to have the production reports signed off on by the customer in the field has dramatically reduced turnaround time for invoicing. As well, the customizable reports that are able to be generated have allowed for detailed analysis in a substantially reduced time.



Over the past 50 years, this highly rewarded heavy civil general contractor specialized in large diameter municipal infrastructure, bulk earth moving and underground site servicing. They work for both the private and public sector as a general or subcontractor depending on the project.

“The biggest deciding factor when choosing a software solution like maestro*ERP  is knowing the fact that you are supporting a Canadian business and you are involving yourself with a company that is construction focused”.

Robert Soares, Project Manager & Estimator

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Who are they?

The company was founded in 1966 by Albert D’Orazio. Albert emigrated to Canada from Italy in 1954. Shortly after landing in Canada, Albert began working to be able to care for his family and bring his wife to Canada. In 1966, Albert purchased his first truck, trailer and backhoe and set out on his own.

This heavy civil general contractor is specialized is large diameter municipal infrastructure, bulk earth moving and underground site servicing. They work for both the private and public sector as a general or subcontractor, depending on the project.

D’Orazio received several awards over the years, such as Project of the Year from The Ontario Public Works Associated in 2002 for Halton and Project of the Year award in 2007 for Strathroy-Caradoc.

How has Maestro helped D’Orazio?

Maestro* really helped the company linking the accounting to the project costs and getting information from the site back to the office. Maestro*MOBILE is definitely their favorite feature, because it is the portal to the office and it provides a direct link to the field. It was the most satisfying change once fully Implemented! They are continuing to further expand their functionalities within mobile. Additionally, as Maestro continues to develop more paperless office solutions, they are simultaneously evolving their processes to generate less and less paper on their end.

The main decision factors were the fact that Maestro is a Canadian company with a full software suite including all the bells and whistles comparable to other software solutions, but with a more customized approach.

Cornwall Gravel Co. Ltd.

Cornwall Gravel Co. Ltd. Website

Over the past 70 years, Cornwall Gravel has carved out a solid reputation as a crushing and construction company that combines decades of experience with state-of-the art equipment.

“maestro*ERP saves time and helps us get the information we need, when and how we need it. As we learn more about the software, we realize that we can use it for so much more. It’s not just an accounting tool.”

Terrelyn Grant, Office administrator

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Who are they?

Cornwall Gravel is a family-owned and family-run business established in 1949. It supplies concrete and asphalt products and specializes in sewer and waterline installation, road construction, site work, asphalt paving, shuttle buggy rental, equipment rentals, trucking and environmental cleanup. It also operates numerous quarries throughout Eastern Ontario, where it does its own drilling and crushing.

The company is proud of its long history, its many safety awards and its highly experienced staff. Thanks to excellent retention, several employees have been with the company for over 20 years.

Never content to rest on its laurels, Cornwall Gravel continues to upgrade and expand to meet the changing demands of today’s competitive construction industry.

How has Maestro
helped Cornwall Gravel?

Cornwall Gravel’s old system was not Windows-based and was outdated. They needed a system that would save money and time, make it possible to email invoices and statements, and provide faster reporting and continual upgrades. After they demoed maestro*ERP at the CON/AGG trade show in Las Vegas, along with a number of other software companies, the choice was clear. Any hesitation about the change was soon appeased by Maestro’s excellent support through the transition process.

maestro*ERP increases the company’s efficiency by making it a lot easier to track and access the information that the team needs. It allows them to create customized reports. It saves them significant time in their Health and Safety documentation tracking and makes it easier to go back and make changes to payroll when required. It has also reduced paper waste. The team used to print everything. Now, most of their documentation is digital, making it secure and easy to find.

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