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Maestro mobile

Manage all your resources in real time

Maestro has dedicated significant resources to research how companies manage time entry and consult project advancements on-site, on a daily basis. maestro*MOBILE users can enter a range of data including working hours, material used, billing and projection related information and can do project planning directly in their handheld device. maestro*ERP then provides an assessment so that project managers and management teams can consult up-to-date financial information for all ongoing projects.

maestro*MOBILE will allow you to effectively plan out and manage your worksite. No more double bookings or wasted time!

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The maestro*MOBILE application is an extension of maestro*ERP, providing workers with access to information about projects, contracts, inventory, employees and subcontractors, including certifications. maestro*MOBILE users benefit from a portable solution that allows them to enter hours, record project billing progress, track service and maintenance work, plan resources, process workflow transactions and perform inspections.

Features of the maestro*ERP Dispatch module

Good planning means you won’t be taken by surprise when last-minute changes are made. You will now be able to allocate or group together all your equipment and resources and plan your scheduling.

The dispatch grid in maestro*ERP can be used to track the resources and advancement of current projects. Although maestro*MOBILE can be used independently for project planning, the dispatch grid provides greater flexibility in terms of planning, communication and the production of various operational reports. The dispatch grid tracks workers in their daily activities and also includes a history tool where previously completed work can be viewed.

Manage resources

  • Assignment of resources as needed
  • Linking and grouping of resources, teams, sub-teams, labour and equipment


  • Assignment of resources to the right project and on the right day
  • Instant unavailability notices (vacation, sick days, etc.)
  • Resource requests according to desired specifications

Features of maestro*MOBILE

With maestro*MOBILE, dispatchers can now communicate with their worksites and manage all assignments and resource requests in real time. Employees are in contact with managers at all times, resource management is done in real time, and all the information relevant to a given project can be validated on-site. maestro*MOBILE is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones and connects with Outlook and Google Maps.

Communicate in
real time

  • Constant contact between employees and managers
  • Schedules sent by email or text message
  • Recording of employee attendance
  • Monitoring of incoming and outgoing messages

Manage resources
in real time

  • Resources list sent by text or email to supervisor
  • Instant resource requests (labour or equipment)

Validate information

  • View of workers’ skills and certificates
  • Quick identification of employees by downloading photos on a smartphone

Log in with
your smartphone

  • Log in to Outlook and Google Maps.

The benefits of maestro*MOBILE

maestro*MOBILE is a platform of choice for many companies in the construction industry. It will allow you to increase the efficiency of your entire organization. Having an overview of all project data will ensure that you are never caught off guard, and the constant contact with worksites will allow you to manage them proactively and with foresight.

Maestro mobile

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