imageTrade Contractor Built for your industry

Designed for trade contractors, maestro*ERP enables you to:

  • Enhance the efficiency and profitability of your business
  • Eliminate duplication and providing a unified information management environment for all departments and divisions.
  • Simplify the management of your information, Maestro*ERP helps you make the most of your business potential. Employee time sheets, inventory receipts, vendor payables, information requests, quote requests and change requests are made simple and streamlined with maestro*ERP.
  • Get real-time data for real-time results.
  • Optimize the day-to-day management of their material purchases, labour force and equipment.

Whether you perform plumbing, electrical, carpentry or other services, maestro*ERP helps you track labour, material and equipment expenses in detail. Better management means higher profits.

Modules for your industry

Given the growing complexity of the construction industry, maestro*ERP offers what today’s trade contractors need to better manage company finances and projects.

  • Accounting
    Synchronize your Accounting and Operations Departments

    Maestro*ERP offers a complete accounting solution that is fully integrated into all of maestro*’s specialized construction project management modules. All information passes through the project management modules automatically, eliminating wasteful entry duplication between operational and accounting systems. Maestro*ERP’s design ensures that both the accounting and operations departments have the specific tools that they need to get the job done right, without compromising the availability or quality of the information they require.

    • Multi-company, multi-division and multi-currency support
    • Payroll
    • Cost center
    • Job costing
    • Accounts Payable
    • Accounts Receivable
    • General Ledger
    • Financial report generator
  • Project Management
    Allow your project managers and accounting groups to work closely together.

    Project data such as contracts and change orders are directly integrated into the accounting and job costing systems, reducing risk of double entry and eliminating errors. Updates are stored by date so that changes to the projection status can be analyzed over various selected periods. Maestro*ERP supplies accurate and timely information from the beginning to the end of the project. Combining projections with the ‘actual’ and ‘commitment’ information allows project managers to be proactive in their management process.

    • Multi-level management: Division, Section, Phase, Activity, Expenditure Group
    • Tracking of summary or detailed budgets in dollars and quantity
    • Warning at all budget overrun levels
    • Project manager dashboard (advanced drilldown)
  • Tools & Equipment Management
    Easily manage all operations and maintenance requirements of your equipment.

    Store and organize any information regarding each piece of equipment and any tool, enter any technical specifications, maintenance procedures, warranty or purchase contracts and keep the big picture.

    • Management of tool use costs on projects
    • New billing mode/day/week/ month or based on the most advantageous rate
    • Automatic billing of tool rental to your customers
    • Tools location management
  • CRM
    The CRM (Customer Relations Management) module keeps you up-to-date on your customers. You can quickly access customer and prospect details, preserve all pertinent customer and prospect information and, in turn, offer personalized, up-to-date service. You can also transfer information from the CRM module to the Billing module to eliminate duplicate, or even triplicate entries.

    • Customer request management (information requests, problems, questions, appointments and more)
    • Automatic “print or e-mail” option (when any request changes)
    • Integrated schedule based on various types of dates (callback date, due date, meeting date and more)
  • Construction Payroll
    Unlimited union calculations.

    Tightly integrated with the accounting and project management modules, the maestro*ERP payroll module is designed specifically for the construction industry. Maestro*ERP is capable of virtually unlimited union calculations and can print union statements customized for each specific union. Automatically generate and print union disbursements. Hours worked on the job sites can be recorded daily or weekly and subsequently adjusted by your payroll department. Maestro*’s construction payroll also supports calculations for pieceworkers, providing all of the functionality mentioned above, regardless of whether the worker is an employee or subcontractor.

    • Customize and print union statements
    • Automatically generate and print union disbursements
    • Calculate and print T4’s, Releve’s and ROE’s
    • Interfaces are available for electronic deposits with all major banks
    • Banked hours management
    • Record of employment
  • Inventory Management

    Maestro*ERP supports a real-time inventory management process. Minimum and maximum thresholds, economic order quantities, daily consumption, delivery days, production cost rates and many more parameters are involved in maintaining inventory levels for production purposes.

  • Small Tools Management

    The maestro*ERP small tools management and tracking module allows you to build a small tool inventory and keep track of which employee, project or subcontractor they have been loaned to. This module is perfect for managing tool sheds for the whole company or at the job site. Repairs, serial numbers and any other valuable information can be recorded against each tool or tool type. By allowing tools to be quickly and easily located, there is an enforced accountability by users and a maximization of the return on these valuable investments.

  • Change Order Management
    Change order management is essential to project management. Maestro*ERP’s change order management module is completely integrated with our bidding & estimating module, allowing you to create formal bid requests and order change proposals as required. Design your own proposal forms that will be produced automatically, complete with details of individual order changes. Order changes are also completely integrated with issue management. Maestro*ERP’s one-button update allows you to automatically update the related budget, subcontracts and billing contracts. This improves productivity, eliminates re-keying errors and ensures that no details are missed. The subcontractor change notice feature allows for the tracking of the order change details related to each subcontract on each project. A subcontract order change form can be produced for each change to a subcontract. These forms are customizable and the module is completely integrated with maestro*ERP’s estimating module. Maestro*ERP’s change order management features create detailed budget changes. Using maestro*ERP’s advanced drill-down project inquiry; you will quickly see a summarized change to the original budget and then drill-down into the details to see why the budget changed.

    • Create formal bid requests and order change proposals
    • Design your own proposal forms
    • Automatically updates related budgets, subcontracts and billing contracts
    • Improve productivity and eliminate re-keying errors ensuring no details are missed
  • Reporting
    Everything printed from maestro*ERP can be displayed on your screen using the advanced report/form viewer.

    Instantly search reports using our powerful, built-in hypertext search engine. Send your reports and forms through the Internet via email. Maestro*ERP automatically generates a PDF document mirroring your report or form and attaches it to your email message. Your recipients will receive an exact copy of the report or form that can be easily viewed using Adobe’s® free industry standard viewer. With just a click, the viewer also allows you to export the reports to Excel. Your data will be formatted and ready to use. Exclusive to maestro*ERP, our report/ form viewer even allows you to select groups and columns for viewing or change the sorting order in real-time. This feature is available even for standard system reports.

    • Instantly search reports using our powerful, built-in hypertext search engine
    • Automatically generate a PDF document mirroring your report
    • Easily export your reports to MS® Excel
    • Ability to select groups and columns for viewing or change the sorting order in real-time
  • Issue Management

    Creating, recording and tracking issues is critical to managing the profitability of a job. Maestro*ERP’s issue management module allows you to quickly record and track the status of all issues for your projects. When issues are expected to affect project costs, they can be easily assigned to individual order changes. Outstanding issues are easily monitored to ensure that none are missed. Disputes will be resolved quickly by easily producing issue details from notification to resolution, including proof of transmission.

  • Work Order Management

    Maestro*ERP’s work order management module simplifies resource scheduling, allowing you to efficiently manage and coordinate the many small jobs that involve labour and materials. Work order forms can be customized to meet your specific requirements. Billing can be generated automatically from each work order individually or batched by client over a specified period.

Flexibility for increased productivity

Whether you’re tracking the expenses related to a cost plus contract or following the status of a progress contract or simply billing a lump sum contract, maestro*ERP has the flexibility to meet your business needs. This helps create a confident winning-bid environment.

With a maestro*ERP software solution, your business will enjoy a single information capture and processing source. You can create purchase orders automatically from maestro*ERP’s integrated estimating module, providing you with committed costs right from the beginning of each project. For processing purposes, you need only match vendor invoices to your purchase orders.

Maestro*ERP is a fully integrated management system that allows you to control and access data in real time – helping you maximize your profits through better budget and schedule management while reducing the risks of duplicating or losing data entries.