Maestro*MOBILEimageThe Power of Instant Communication

Dispatch and Mobility

The maestro*ERP Project Dispatch module combined with maestro*Mobility enable you to manage your resources in real-time ensuring that the right resources are available for the right job at the right time.

Effective communication leads to profit growth

Schedule days, weeks, and months in advance with greater precision and communicate everything in real time. maestro*ERP dispatch and mobility modules will provide a clear picture of underutilized resources and double-bookings enabling you to make the necessary changes to avoid unnecessary downtime and unintended expenses.

1 - maestro*ERP Dispatch module features

Good planning reduces costs caused by last-minute changes and allows you to increase your profitability.

Resource Management

  • Allocation of actual labour & equipment resources
  • Linking and grouping of resource groups / teams / crews / labour and equipment


  • Resources simple assignments by clicking and dragging them to the designated project/day
  • Instant non-availability notifications (vacation, sick day, assignment, absence, etc.) to facilitate planning
  • Various display settings including time scaling by hour, day, month for maximum precision
  • Dispatches easy copy to another date
  • Resource requests management and instant auto-replace

Integration functions

  • Dispatch planned hours can be directly imported in the hour entries and work orders functionalities.

2 - maestro*ERP Mobility module features

Effective communication leads to success. With maestro*ERP mobile, dispatchers can now communicate with their remote workers and manage all assignments and resources requests in real time.

Real time communication between employees and their managers

  • Send schedule by text or email
    • Include Google Maps link to project location
    • Google Maps link can be address or GPS coordinates
  • Employee attendance
    • Check in/out on dispatch or mobile
      • By individual or group
    • Add Comments / Notes
  • Dispatch dashboard to monitor incoming and outgoing messages

Resource management in real time

  • Send resources list by text or email to supervisor
  • Instant resource requests
    • Labour requests by trade type
    • Equipment requests by equipment type

On-site validation

  • On-site project information accessibility at all time
  • Skills and certificates
    • On-site validation of skills and certificates by employee
    • Quick identification of employees using smartphone photo downloads application

Increased efficiency

  • Billings go out faster as important cost information is returned to the office sooner for processing. This could include labour time, equipment time and even copies of packing slips that can drive accrued costing.

Technical aspects

  • Multi-platform support: Smartphones, tablets and PC’s
  • Connection with Outlook Calendar
  • Google Maps link with directions and route features