imageHomebuilderBuilt for your industry

Designed for home builders, maestro*ERP enables you to:

  • Significantly enhance the efficiency and profitability of your business via a streamlined, user-friendly interface.
  • Increase effenciency by streamlining processes and providing users with quick access to the information that they need—when they need it.

Specifically designed to meet the estimating, project management and accounting needs of homebuilders, maestro*ERP is an advanced solution for today’s performance requirements.

Modules for your industry

Given the growing complexity of the construction industry, maestro*ERP offers what today’s home builders need to better manage company finances and projects.

  • Accounting
    Synchronize your Accounting and Operations Departments

    Maestro*ERP offers a complete accounting solution that is fully integrated into all of maestro*’s specialized construction project management modules. All information passes through the project management modules automatically, eliminating wasteful entry duplication between operational and accounting systems. Maestro*ERP’s design ensures that both the accounting and operations departments have the specific tools that they need to get the job done right, without compromising the availability or quality of the information they require.

    • Multi-company, multi-division and multi-currency support
    • Payroll
    • Cost center
    • Job costing
    • Accounts Payable
    • Accounts Receivable
    • General Ledger
    • Financial report generator
  • Project Management
    Allow your project managers and accounting groups to work closely together.

    Project data such as contracts and change orders are directly integrated into the accounting and job costing systems, reducing risk of double entry and eliminating errors. Updates are stored by date so that changes to the projection status can be analyzed over various selected periods. Maestro*ERP supplies accurate and timely information from the beginning to the end of the project. Combining projections with the ‘actual’ and ‘commitment’ information allows project managers to be proactive in their management process.

    • Multi-level management: Division, Section, Phase, Activity, Expenditure Group
    • Tracking of summary or detailed budgets in dollars and quantity
    • Warning at all budget overrun levels
    • Project manager dashboard (advanced drilldown)
  • Document Management
    Unique in the industry, Maestro*ERP’s electronic document management module is fully integrated throughout all other modules. Drawings, site directives, meeting minutes, daily diaries and many other documents can be stored and organized within maestro*ERP, creating a virtual job book that can be accessed from anywhere you can access maestro*ERP. For example, a shop drawing linked to a requisition could be sent with an order. It will then be accessible from the requisition, order, project and even the related supplier file. You can define custom document categories (using your own terminology) for projects, customers, suppliers, contracts, employees, etc. Help shield yourself against future claims by being able to reproduce all communications (e-mail, fax, etc.) and documents for your projects, even if the project manager is no longer with your team. Maestro*ERP is the only software to offer this level of project management and collaboration in a fully integrated ERP software solution.

    • Custom Document Categories
    • Consolidated Document Management via Project Inquiry
    • Custom MS® Word Document Templates with Merge Fields
  • Contract Management
    Give dispatchers the tools they need to effectively manage your customer’s planned and un-planned maintenance. Maestro*ERP powerful dispatch board offers drag-and-drop call assignments and double-click drill-down on details. By providing priorities in user selected colours for quick visual status assessments, pop-up calendars for quick navigation and direct links to contract and customer maintenance to keep information up to date, maestro*ERP helps you enhance the value of your services.

    • Preventative maintenance scheduling with automatic work order generation
    • Un-scheduled maintenance call dispatch with Work Orders
    • Integration with Order and Inventory Management
    • Integration with Job Costing
    • Allocation of equipment to diverse contracts
    • On-screen Call Management and Dispatching
  • Construction Payroll
    Unlimited union calculations.

    Tightly integrated with the accounting and project management modules, the maestro*ERP payroll module is designed specifically for the construction industry. Maestro*ERP is capable of virtually unlimited union calculations and can print union statements customized for each specific union. Automatically generate and print union disbursements. Hours worked on the job sites can be recorded daily or weekly and subsequently adjusted by your payroll department. Maestro*’s construction payroll also supports calculations for pieceworkers, providing all of the functionality mentioned above, regardless of whether the worker is an employee or subcontractor.

    • Customize and print union statements
    • Automatically generate and print union disbursements
    • Calculate and print T4’s, Releve’s and ROE’s
    • Interfaces are available for electronic deposits with all major banks
    • Banked hours management
    • Record of employment
  • Home Builder Sales
    This proprietary module from Maestro meets the specific needs of home builders. Home sales are unique in that financial execution only occurs upon project completion. The maestro*ERP specialized receivables module can track details specific to new home sales before a final sale is recorded. Track deposits, mortgage advances, insurance charges, interest and other fees. The module is integrated with the extras management and project management modules.

    • Preventative maintenance scheduling with automatic work order generation
    • Un-scheduled maintenance call dispatch with Work Orders
    • Integration with Order and Inventory Management
    • Integration with Job Costing
    • Allocation of equipment to diverse contracts
    • On-screen Call Management and Dispatching
  • Sub-Contractor Management

    Maestro*ERP offers sophisticated levels of flexibility for managing subcontractor contracts. Individual contracts are created for each project. The details of these contracts expand automatically through the order change management process. All of the details of every subcontractor subcontract can be accessed easily through maestro*ERP’s supplier inquiry feature. Subcontracts may have multiple details on the original contract, each with proposed and accepted pricing. Additions to subcontracts from the change management process are easily identified and contain proposed and accepted pricing. Subcontracts are completely integrated

  • Purchase Orders

    The purchase order module is very simple to use and completely integrated with purchasing and project management. This module is designed for companies that do not require a catalogue or detailed history of purchased items. Purchase orders can be printed quickly, and/or faxed or emailed directly from within the system, with automatic creation of PDF documents for purchase orders that are emailed.

  • Reporting
    Everything printed from maestro*ERP can be displayed on your screen using the advanced report/form viewer.

    Instantly search reports using our powerful, built-in hypertext search engine. Send your reports and forms through the Internet via email. Maestro*ERP automatically generates a PDF document mirroring your report or form and attaches it to your email message. Your recipients will receive an exact copy of the report or form that can be easily viewed using Adobe’s® free industry standard viewer. With just a click, the viewer also allows you to export the reports to Excel. Your data will be formatted and ready to use. Exclusive to maestro*ERP, our report/ form viewer even allows you to select groups and columns for viewing or change the sorting order in real-time. This feature is available even for standard system reports.

    • Instantly search reports using our powerful, built-in hypertext search engine
    • Automatically generate a PDF document mirroring your report
    • Easily export your reports to MS® Excel
    • Ability to select groups and columns for viewing or change the sorting order in real-time
  • After Sales Service

    This module monitors service calls related to construction, goods or services that may be under warranty. Record and customize vital details by call type. Identify subcontractors and contract details for any project. You can even easily pinpoint materials for this work. This module is ideal for homebuilders, roofing contractors and other specialists who must manage warranties.

  • Direct Deposit

    Now an essential requirement for many businesses, electronic payments are available through all banks. A payment acknowledgement is sent to the supplier by fax or email according to the suppliers’ setup within maestro*ERP. This featurmodule ensures that you receive the maximum available discounts while holding payments until the prearranged date.

Full control of over all processes

Maestro*ERP lets you track processes from inception to closing, including land development, buyer contact management, sales contract and extras, deposit management, lot development, sub-trade contract management and closing management. Maestro*ERP helps homebuilders efficiently manage multiple projects simultaneously—by coordinating your resources sub-trade and material purchases.

Up to date information at your fingertips in real time

Maestro*ERP enables you to stay on top of critical management issues. Model templates with budgets, sub-trade contracts and material requirements are set up for each development. With maestro*ERP, model templates are released to lots, automatically creating sub-trade and material purchase orders while storing budget and sub-trade pricing information.

Pivotal reports

Maestro*ERP’s inquiry or pivotal reporting features provides control over your projects, allowing you to easily track progress in real time. Buyer contracts track purchase, extra and deposit information. Deposit schedules matched to construction progress ensure that you maintain positive cash flow.

Maestro*ERP allows you to easily import and export sub-trade prices for setup and updating. Cost activities can be grouped and tracked by land, site and lot. Complex developments can be easily organized and analyzed with maestro*ERP’s seven levels of sub-project linking. Sub-trade master contracts are assigned to the site and individual sub-trade sub-contracts are issued by lot, providing builders with easily accessible detail on sub-trade activities. Sub-trade payable invoices can be easily applied to multiple lots—in real-time from any of maestro*ERP’s inquiry or pivotal reporting features.

Service calls

Customer service calls are captured in maestro*ERP’s call manager. Service coordinators can quickly determine the sub-trade that performed the work on the customer lot and issue a work order for repair. Work orders can easily be tracked and closed.

Maestro*ERP is a fully integrated management system that allows you to control and access data in real time—helping you maximize your profits through better budget and schedule management while reducing the risks of duplicating or losing data entries.