maestro*CAFÉSynchronizing our User Community

In addition to our human touch approach to serving customers through dedicated dispatch, application and technical support teams just a phone call away, Maestro Technologies developed the maestro*CAFÉ portal to give our customers access to the latest product information, new software releases and updates, and learn how to effectively use the maestro*ERP software to maximize your business potential through continuous web casts and learning seminars.


Use this section to download our latest software releases and updates to ensure you’re always running the latest software version allowing your organization to benefit from the latest technological advances and added functionalities.


View our latest training videos and e-learning tutorials to expand your product knowledge. Or join one of our web seminars to get more information on some of the latest features and functionalities of our products.


In this section you can open up a trouble ticket and keep track of its progress or you can fill out our development change request form if you’re interested in submitting a new feature request. You will also be notified of all the latest changes in our software and enhancements provided and directed to our download section to retrieve the latest release.


Browse through our resources section for more information. Discover useful content and insights on the latest industry innovations. Read about other companies that have gone through the implementation process by viewing the latest case studies, white papers or just catch up on the latest news.

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