Maestro*CLOUDimageAnywhere, Anytime

Full-Featured and User-Friendly Cloud ERP Software for the Construction Industry.

Unlike many companies that limit their software’s functionalities when moving to a different platform, Maestro ensures that its customers continue to fully benefit from its market-leading construction management software while connected to the cloud.

  • Lower Entry Cost
  • Integration and Scalability
  • Annual Subscription Fee

Whether you’re a General Contractor, Home Builder, Civil, Service, or Specialty Contractor, maestro*CLOUD provides you with an all-in-one web-based solution that meets all your business needs. Designed specifically for the construction industry, our ERP covers everything from Accounting, Project Management, Job Costing, Dispatch, Procurement, and Billing to Inventory, Material, Equipment, and Service Management, as well as Workflow, Document Controls, HR, Payroll, Reporting and much, much more.

Cloud computing offers countless advantages. By setting up what is essentially a virtual office, it allows you to be connected to your business anywhere, anytime. And with the growing number of web-enabled devices used in today’s business environment (e.g. smartphones, tablets, etc.), access to your data is made easier.

Benefits of moving your business to the cloud include:

Reduced IT Costs

IT management and maintenance costs will be reduced by using the maestro*CLOUD resources rather than purchasing expensive systems and equipment for your business:

  • system upgrades as well as necessary new hardware and software costs are included;
  • no more expensive and rapidly obsolete equipment purchases;
  • wages for expert staff are no longer needed;
  • possible reduction of energy consumption costs.


Depending on your operational and storage requirements, your business can quickly be scaled up or down as your needs change. Thanks to its flexibility, maestro*CLOUD handles updates and installations for you which frees up your time so you can get on with running your business.

Collaboration Efficiency

A cloud environment gives your business the ability to communicate and share more easily outside of the traditional methods. Even if a project operates from different locations, cloud computing facilitates collaboration by giving employees, contractors, and third parties access to the same files.

Access to Automatic Updates

Service fees include access to the latest software update versions as well as upgrades to servers.


To top it off, give your on-site workforce the ability to access maestro*CLOUD through mobile devices and you now have the most extensive and easy-to-use construction management solution in the industry.

  • Time and Attendance
  • Daily Entries
  • Field Service (Work Orders)
  • Scheduling
  • Lower upfront costs. Less dependency on IT staff. Reduced company system management.

Features and Functionalities


Our complete accounting solution is fully integrated into every one of the maestro*ERP construction-specific project management modules. All the information passes through the project management modules automatically, preventing wasteful entry duplication between operational and accounting systems.

Project Management

Project data such as contracts and change orders are directly integrated into the accounting and job costing modules, eliminating possible errors.


Contracts, accounting, and project plans are directly linked to the Budgets option to manage overhead, hard and soft costs, as well as change orders, profits, and fees in real time.

Job Costing

Enhanced costing ensures code, type, and sub-job tracking for project management and accounting are in sync on actual and standard costs.

Bidding and Estimating

Successful bids can automatically produce a project’s initial budget as well as invoicing the contract (in accordance with the bid), subcontractor contracts (pending approval), and material requirements such as a bill of materials, requisition or purchase order.


Our easy-to-use drag-and-drop display allows users to visually schedule resources (field workers and equipment), work orders, and service calls.

Issue / Change Management

A project’s budgeted and committed values changes can be controlled, just as the profitability of every change initiated by a customer.

Project Billing

Invoices can be printed, faxed or emailed quickly and directly from within the maestro*ERP system, with controllers and accountants accessing data in real time.


This option allows subcontractors to stay current on project needs from bidding through payment, including flexible retainage options.

Tools and Equipment Management

Information regarding each piece of equipment or any tool is stored and organized; technical specifications, maintenance procedures as well as warranty or purchase contracts help complete the big picture.

Fleet and Garage Management

Dramatically reduced time and effort while managing complex preventative maintenance plans.

Ticket Management

Seamlessly interface maestro*ERP with the industry’s major scale ticketing software and facilitate transferring ticket information through the Internet, in addition to efficiently manage both raw material and transportation payables and receivables with preconfigured product types.


Standard workflows or custom workflows can be used for large projects, budget and purchasing approvals.

Document Management

Drawings, site directives, meeting minutes, daily diaries and many other documents are stored and organized to create a virtual job book that can be accessed from anywhere at any time.


The module supports multiple unions, locals, classes, benefit packages, and complex wages, as well as certified wages and executive compensation.