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$2.1-billion trade investment lauded by construction leaders

The federal government's recent $2.1-billion commitment for the Trade and Transportation Corridors Initiative (TTCI) has construction industry stakeholders optimistic about the future of trade infrastructure across Canada, hoping it will help create jobs, grow the economy and generate funding for other infrastructure projects.



Cancelling a pay and configuring W/C CSST through Project Time option

Nothing is quite as frustrating as finding an error on a pay slip. Get acquainted with a freshly updated How-To with those maestro* users who must pick up the pieces in mind! Several scenarios will help you understand how to cancel a pay regardless of the payroll period or the step where you got to in the payroll process.

How-To, number 37

Also, a How-To with a step-by-step procedure to configure the W/C CSST calculation from within the Project Time option. This is particularly handy for those companies whose operations spread over multiple provinces!

How-To, number 38



Create new users quickly

A new employee joined the team in Accounts Payable and he or she needs to be given access quickly to maestro*? Nothing could be easier. Get acquainted with the concept of the reference user: create new users in maestro* simply by applying pre-defined reference settings, and don’t forget that the initial password for every new user of the system is the user ID. Just a little sampler of what you can find in the Tips & Tricks; all that time saved, and countless questions answered!

Tips & Tricks, number 43



Documentation: maestro*MOBILE

To provide a framework and coach users of maestro*MOBILE, a new option has been added to the Resources tab available in maestro*CAFÉ. Titled maestro*MOBILE, the new page acts as a gateway to online help procedures (F1), How-Tos and job aids, all of which cover the use or the configuration of the application. Both Project and Service have been documented, but we suggest that you become a frequent visitor to these pages. Over the next months, numerous procedures will be added to this help section!

Take advantage of our new Express TRAINING option by our customer support services.

We have heard you! Maestro now offers live, one-on-one training sessions to address specific needs.

Take advantage of this quick & efficient personalized service to optimize your maestro* usage!

* Rates available upon request / Up to 2 hours of training per session



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