imageHeavy and Civil ContractorBuilt for your industry

Designed for heavy and civil contractors, maestro*ERP enables you to:

  • Increase your management efficiency.
  • Attain optimized results when you bid, manage and bill your jobs. With maestro*ERP, your project managers can remotely access up-to-date, real-time information—right at their fingertips. Your accounting department automatically receives data from the project management system and they maintain control over the posting of financial information.
  • Efficiently meet all your estimating, project management and accounting needs. With features like contact management, unit costing, daily cost reporting, sub-trade management and flexible billing, maestro*ERP is the perfect solution for maximum performance.
  • Track every cost, revenue and communication from planning to closing.
  • Always know where you stand with every project—almost right to the minute.

With access to this level of detail, you can confidently make proactive decisions.

Modules for your industry

Given the growing complexity of the construction industry, maestro*ERP offers what today’s heavy and civil contractors need to better manage company finances and projects.

  • Accounting
    Synchronize your Accounting and Operations Departments

    Maestro*ERP offers a complete accounting solution that is fully integrated into all of maestro*’s specialized construction project management modules. All information passes through the project management modules automatically, eliminating wasteful entry duplication between operational and accounting systems. Maestro*ERP’s design ensures that both the accounting and operations departments have the specific tools that they need to get the job done right, without compromising the availability or quality of the information they require.

    • Multi-company, multi-division and multi-currency support
    • Payroll
    • Cost center
    • Job costing
    • Accounts Payable
    • Accounts Receivable
    • General Ledger
    • Financial report generator
  • Project Management
    Allow your project managers and accounting groups to work closely together.

    Project data such as contracts and change orders are directly integrated into the accounting and job costing systems, reducing risk of double entry and eliminating errors. Updates are stored by date so that changes to the projection status can be analyzed over various selected periods. Maestro*ERP supplies accurate and timely information from the beginning to the end of the project. Combining projections with the ‘actual’ and ‘commitment’ information allows project managers to be proactive in their management process.

    • Multi-level management: Division, Section, Phase, Activity, Expenditure Group
    • Tracking of summary or detailed budgets in dollars and quantity
    • Warning at all budget overrun levels
    • Project manager dashboard (advanced drilldown)
  • Bidding & Estimating
    Simplify the estimator’s job while improving the accuracy of your bids.

    The Maestro*ERP estimating and bidding module is completely integrated with other key modules such as project management, project budgets, billing contracts and subcontract management. From your successful bids you can automatically produce your project’s initial budget, invoicing contract (in accordance with the bid), subcontractor contracts (pending approval) and material requirements as a bill of materials, requisition or purchase order.

    Maestro*’s material catalogue, labour cost tables, equipment cost tables and easy access to previous project results all help your estimator to simplify his job while improving the accuracy of your bids.

    • Bid model management
    • Invitation of subcontractors by fax or email
    • Address book management (synchronization with Outlook)
    • Excel spreadsheet directly in the bid module
    • Prices for subcontractors, materials and resources
  • Tools & Equipment Management
    Easily manage all operations and maintenance requirements of your equipment.

    Store and organize any information regarding each piece of equipment and any tool, enter any technical specifications, maintenance procedures, warranty or purchase contracts and keep the big picture.

    • Management of tool use costs on projects
    • New billing mode/day/week/ month or based on the most advantageous rate
    • Automatic billing of tool rental to your customers
    • Tools location management
  • Construction Payroll
    Unlimited union calculations.

    Tightly integrated with the accounting and project management modules, the maestro*ERP payroll module is designed specifically for the construction industry. Maestro*ERP is capable of virtually unlimited union calculations and can print union statements customized for each specific union. Automatically generate and print union disbursements. Hours worked on the job sites can be recorded daily or weekly and subsequently adjusted by your payroll department. Maestro*’s construction payroll also supports calculations for pieceworkers, providing all of the functionality mentioned above, regardless of whether the worker is an employee or subcontractor.

    • Customize and print union statements
    • Automatically generate and print union disbursements
    • Calculate and print T4’s, Releve’s and ROE’s
    • Interfaces are available for electronic deposits with all major banks
    • Banked hours management
    • Record of employment
  • Lien Management

    Contractor liabilities in the construction industry are ever increasing. It is now critically important to equip your team with a software management tool that can track your liens and waivers, minimizing financial risk on projects. Completely integrated with the subcontractors’ contract and payables modules, the Lien Management module allows you to proactively address your risk.

  • Ticket Management
    Synchronize your customers, products and projects.

    Maestro*ERP seamlessly interfaces with the industry’s major scale ticketing software and facilitates the transfer of ticket information via the Internet. Efficiently manage both raw material and transportation payables and receivables with pre-configured product types. Maestro*ERP reduces the time and effort required to manage complex billing conditions while simultaneously reducing the risks inherent with managing complex charge-out matrices.

    • Rapid capture of ticket data for the establishment of accounts payable related to truck transportation and carriers
    • Reconciliation of individual tickets and invoices related to truck transportation and carriers
    • Automatic billing of customers who used the rates established by bid for equipment and transport
    • Concrete/quarry quotes
    • Automatic disbursement to suppliers for the trucking equipment and services ordered
    • Detailed statement of the product and loads per plant, quarry and equipment unit
    • Concrete/asphalt/ aggregate invoicing
    • Ticket import
  • Fleet & Garage Management
    Track the information and preventative maintenance schedules for an entire portfolio of equipment assets

    Maestro*ERP dramatically reduces the time and effort required to manage complex preventative maintenance plans. With maestro*ERP, the work orders you generate automatically from preventative maintenance plans can be used to track labor and material usage—making sure all costs are allocated to equipment. Material purchase orders can be produced automatically from work orders, ensuring that materials are available on time.

    • Create multiple maintenance categories per vehicle
    • Specify tasks, estimate time and list all regularly used parts
    • Track important financial and maintenance details for all vehicles
    • Track vehicle usage and drill down on maintenance records
    • Generate preventative maintenance schedules and work orders
  • Small Tools Management

    The maestro*ERP small tools management and tracking module allows you to build a small tool inventory and keep track of which employee, project or subcontractor they have been loaned to. This module is perfect for managing tool sheds for the whole company or at the job site. Repairs, serial numbers and any other valuable information can be recorded against each tool or tool type. By allowing tools to be quickly and easily located, there is an enforced accountability by users and a maximization of the return on these valuable investments.

  • Executive Dashboard

    The executive dashboard provides a window into the current status of your business. Using maestro*ERP’s executive dashboard, you can create many project and accounting information views that can be accessed simultaneously. Imagine reviewing the status of your business while enjoying your morning coffee or taking a quick peek just before leaving for the day. The executive dashboard reports and views update automatically, offering a consolidated, real-time view of your business.

Maestro*ERP helps you manage a large volume of information

The daily management of subcontracts, progress draws, change orders, charge backs, drawing logs, daily logs, meeting minutes, transmissions, submissions, RFIs, RFQs and many other documents is made simple with maestro*ERP. That’s real-time information for real-time results.

Manage all your project information with maestro*erp

General contractors manage a large volume of information. The daily management of subcontracts, progress draws, change orders, charge backs, drawing logs, daily logs, meeting minutes, transmissions, submissions, RFI’s, RFQ’s and many other documents is time consuming for any project manager. Maestro*ERP has everything you need to bid, manage and bill your jobs.

Up to date information at your fingertips in real time

With maestro*ERP, your project managers will have up-to-date (real-time) information at their fingertips:

  • Your accounting department automatically receives data from the project management system
  • and they maintain control over the posting of financial information
  • No information will be entered more than once
  • Separate spreadsheets and databases are eliminated
  • All information is recorded and reported consistently
  • Contacts can be managed centrally
  • All documents can be stored online for quick retrieval

Given the growing complexity of the construction industry, maestro*ERP offers what today’s General Contractors need to better manage company finances and projects.

Maestro*ERP is a fully integrated management system that allows you to control and access data in real time, helping you maximize your profits through better budget and schedule management while reducing the risks of duplicating or losing data entries.