Aggregate ProducerBuilt for your industry

Designed for aggregate producers, asphalt producers and haulage companies, maestro*ERP enables you to:

  • Bill faster and more accurately.
  • Manage complex daily loads.
  • Smartly integrate material costs, transport costs and every revenue component by automating the cost allocation processes.
  • Efficiently manage bulk materials, such as aggregates, asphalt, heating oil and other material.
  • Facilitate daily decision making while significantly simplifying all billings and payables processes.
  • avoid wasting resources while benefiting from increased productivity. By integrating distance or region variations in transport costs, maestro*ERP can precisely record and track all expenses and payables. Increased efficiency means that your customers will receive their invoices faster, positively impacting your cash flow.
  • Produce complete financial reports and analyze all your financial information instantly—with maestro*ERP’s advanced management tools.
  • get the most out of supplier relationships. Accessing the state of your business is a click away with maestro*ERP proactive reporting.

By streamlining your day-to-day management, maestro*ERP is truly your partner for real-time results.

Modules for your industry

Given the growing complexity of the construction industry, maestro*ERP offers what today’s aggregate producers need to better manage company finances and projects.

  • Accounting
    Synchronize your Accounting and Operations Departments

    Maestro*ERP offers a complete accounting solution that is fully integrated into all of maestro*’s specialized construction project management modules. All information passes through the project management modules automatically, eliminating wasteful entry duplication between operational and accounting systems. Maestro*ERP’s design ensures that both the accounting and operations departments have the specific tools that they need to get the job done right, without compromising the availability or quality of the information they require.

    • Multi-company, multi-division and multi-currency support
    • Payroll
    • Cost center
    • Job costing
    • Accounts Payable
    • Accounts Receivable
    • General Ledger
    • Financial report generator
  • Project Management
    Allow your project managers and accounting groups to work closely together.

    Project data such as contracts and change orders are directly integrated into the accounting and job costing systems, reducing risk of double entry and eliminating errors. Updates are stored by date so that changes to the projection status can be analyzed over various selected periods. Maestro*ERP supplies accurate and timely information from the beginning to the end of the project. Combining projections with the ‘actual’ and ‘commitment’ information allows project managers to be proactive in their management process.

    • Multi-level management: Division, Section, Phase, Activity, Expenditure Group
    • Tracking of summary or detailed budgets in dollars and quantity
    • Warning at all budget overrun levels
    • Project manager dashboard (advanced drilldown)
  • Construction Payroll
    Unlimited union calculations.

    Tightly integrated with the accounting and project management modules, the maestro*ERP payroll module is designed specifically for the construction industry. Maestro*ERP is capable of virtually unlimited union calculations and can print union statements customized for each specific union. Automatically generate and print union disbursements. Hours worked on the job sites can be recorded daily or weekly and subsequently adjusted by your payroll department. Maestro*’s construction payroll also supports calculations for pieceworkers, providing all of the functionality mentioned above, regardless of whether the worker is an employee or subcontractor.

    • Customize and print union statements
    • Automatically generate and print union disbursements
    • Calculate and print T4’s, Releve’s and ROE’s
    • Interfaces are available for electronic deposits with all major banks
    • Banked hours management
    • Record of employment
  • CRM
    The CRM (Customer Relations Management) module keeps you up-to-date on your customers. You can quickly access customer and prospect details, preserve all pertinent customer and prospect information and, in turn, offer personalized, up-to-date service. You can also transfer information from the CRM module to the Billing module to eliminate duplicate, or even triplicate entries.

    • Customer request management (information requests, problems, questions, appointments and more)
    • Automatic “print or e-mail” option (when any request changes)
    • Integrated schedule based on various types of dates (callback date, due date, meeting date and more)
  • Billing Management
    Quick creation of free-form invoices and allocation of project receivables.

    Invoices can be printed, faxed or emailed quickly and directly from within the maestro*ERP system. Controllers and accountants can access data in real time. Maestro*ERP automatically creates certified PDF documents for emailed invoices.

    • Contract details and statistics
    • Extras management
    • Management of contract holdbacks and withholding taxes
    • WIP management
    • Personalized invoice format by customer
    • Progress billing
    • Time & material billing
    • Cost plus billing
    • Turnkey billing
  • Lien Management

    Contractor liabilities in the construction industry are ever increasing. It is now critically important to equip your team with a software management tool that can track your liens and waivers, minimizing financial risk on projects. Completely integrated with the subcontractors’ contract and payables modules, the Lien Management module allows you to proactively address your risk.

  • Ticket Management
    Synchronize your customers, products and projects.

    Maestro*ERP seamlessly interfaces with the industry’s major scale ticketing software and facilitates the transfer of ticket information via the Internet. Efficiently manage both raw material and transportation payables and receivables with pre-configured product types. Maestro*ERP reduces the time and effort required to manage complex billing conditions while simultaneously reducing the risks inherent with managing complex charge-out matrices.

    • Rapid capture of ticket data for the establishment of accounts payable related to truck transportation and carriers
    • Reconciliation of individual tickets and invoices related to truck transportation and carriers
    • Automatic billing of customers who used the rates established by bid for equipment and transport
    • Concrete/quarry quotes
    • Automatic disbursement to suppliers for the trucking equipment and services ordered
    • Detailed statement of the product and loads per plant, quarry and equipment unit
    • Concrete/asphalt/ aggregate invoicing
    • Ticket import
  • Executive Dashboard

    The executive dashboard provides a window into the current status of your business. Using maestro*ERP’s executive dashboard, you can create many project and accounting information views that can be accessed simultaneously. Imagine reviewing the status of your business while enjoying your morning coffee or taking a quick peek just before leaving for the day. The executive dashboard reports and views update automatically, offering a consolidated, real-time view of your business.

  • Document Management
    Unique in the industry, Maestro*ERP’s electronic document management module is fully integrated throughout all other modules. Drawings, site directives, meeting minutes, daily diaries and many other documents can be stored and organized within maestro*ERP, creating a virtual job book that can be accessed from anywhere you can access maestro*ERP. For example, a shop drawing linked to a requisition could be sent with an order. It will then be accessible from the requisition, order, project and even the related supplier file. You can define custom document categories (using your own terminology) for projects, customers, suppliers, contracts, employees, etc. Help shield yourself against future claims by being able to reproduce all communications (e-mail, fax, etc.) and documents for your projects, even if the project manager is no longer with your team. Maestro*ERP is the only software to offer this level of project management and collaboration in a fully integrated ERP software solution.

    • Custom Document Categories
    • Consolidated Document Management via Project Inquiry
    • Custom MS® Word Document Templates with Merge Fields

Simplified Billing Process

Maestro*ERP makes it easy to bill daily. Tickets are entered through maestro*ERP’s quick ticket entry program or automatically imported from scale house ticketing systems. Maestro*ERP will parse ticket information and make all calculations automatically. All calculations are based on your custom-built transport pricing rules and customer price quotes. Maestro*ERP is built for today’s competitive environment.

With maestro*ERP, producers don’t waste time by manually consolidating a huge volume of daily tickets—they benefit instantly from the full integration of their batching and billing systems. Maestro*ERP’s customer invoices include detailed information to facilitate exact pricing for each customer.

With maestro*ERP, producers can preset pricing, import tickets and automatically produce billings. What took hours will take minutes with maestro*ERP. As a complete ERP solution, maestro*ERP offers advanced features to help you reduce the cost of running your business. Maestro*ERP automatically produces your billings, plus manages cash receipts and material ordering with exceptional ease.

That’s why maestro*ERP offers you a fully integrated system that allows you to control and access data in real-time, on a single user interface and therefore allowing you to have full control over all processes, maximize your profits, stay on budget and on schedule and reduce risks of doubling or losing data entries.